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JoAnn Fabrics

Have you been to JoAnn Fabrics lately?  I had not been there for awhile since things have been so hectic around here but I did have a chance to stop in today.  I was shocked!!! The entire store has been reconfigured.  They are carrying some new/different items but most noticeable was the new design and layout of the store.  Although I don't know where things are yet, I love the openness and ease of moving through the store.  I wonder if all of the JoAnn's stores have been redone.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether you are a mother, have a mother, want to be a mother, or lovingly remember your mother....I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I also hope you were able to spend part of your day creating, making, quilting or snuggling under a quilt!!!

My day began with breakfast in bed. After I got up and got going, I was able to spend most of the day in my studio working on various aspects of quilting. Throughout the day I got phone calls, including from my daughter and grandson, wishing me well. My son and daughter-in-law hosted a cookout, for supper, with both sides of the family. The weather was good --- the food was great --- visiting was terrific --- and they even honored us moms with cards and gifts!


FeatherweightFeatherweightI don't think a day goes by that I don't think about my mother.  She was such a wonderful person and is loved and remembered by anyone who ever met her.  As Mother's Day approaches,  I am especially thankful that my mother taught me how to be a good mom and I, in turn, could pass this on to my children.

My mother also has to be given credit for my quilting successes!!  Although my mom was not a quilter, she encouraged me each time I tried a new craft or hobby.  She demonstrated patience every time I needed her helpwith my newest craft or hobby!!!

Mother In Law

Patchwork PillowPatchwork PillowI was looking for something on the dreaded top shelf of the linen closet and came across this patchwork pillow.  My mother-in-law was a quilter.  Sometimes she would make pillows with some of the leftover pieces after completing a quilt top.  Ma (as she was lovingly called by everyone and anyone) made this pillow for my daughter.  This pillow spent many years in my daughter's doll cradle comforting the babies!!!


I love days when my family gets together!  Today was one of those days.   I find comfort when we are all in the same place.  I love hearing about what's going on in the lives of my sisters, brother and all of our children and grandchildren.  I enjoy the food, the conversation, the fun and hearing the room explode with laughter.  It warms my heart.

Tonight we had sandwiches of leftover turkey and ham with deviled eggs for supper, watched a movie and I looked through quilt magazines!

Tomorrow, my new die (to cut 1½" squares) from Accuquilt will arrive and I will get back to cutting squares for my Charm Square Postage Stamp Quilt project.

Happy Quilting,

Happy Easter!

I hope each of you have a wonderful Easter!!!

I have been "under the weather" this week and am finally feeling better so I am happy.  Our Spring Break started Friday so I am looking forward to catching up on my to do list and spending some time with family and friends.

I won't have any guilty feelings about spending most of my time quilting since I won't  be able to do much out in my yard because it has been raining so much that parts of the yard have standing water!!!  In fact, it's raining again now!!!  Believe it or not....a pair of ducks was swimming in one of the puddles this evening!!!  By the time we can cut the grass we'll be able to make hay!!!

Grandson's Fabric Shopping

Six ChoicesSix ChoicesWhen my grandson was in town  for my son's wedding, we were running errands and stopped at Joann Fabrics to pick up some stabilizer and a few spools of thread.  While we were walking through the aisles of fabric, he spotted a bolt with orange and red flames that he really liked, then he saw the orange and yellow flames and asked if we could get some to use in a quilt!   He loves the flames on race cars and superheroes, as most boys his age, and of course I said yes.  Next, he found a bolt with red, orange and yellow flames and soccer balls.  I'm not exactly sure why there are flames with soccer balls but he loves to play soccer and likes the flames so we added it to the cart.

Weighted Blankets

When I opened my June 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting I found an article called quilting changes everything which talks about, and includes directions for making, weighted blankets and lap pads.

I have believed in the benefits of weighted blankets for many years.  I have known them to help restless children get the sleep they need and to calm some down when they are in an agitated state.  Some occupational therapists recommend weighted blnkets for people with autism, ADHD and other sensory processing disoders.

The article gives an overview of the directions to make a weighted blanket.  The complete instructions are availabe by going to www.AllPeopleQuilt.com/482.

Popcorn Jars

JarsJarsThese jars turned out soooo cute.  I helped my daughter-in-law put these together for the wedding reception.  What a great idea.   These were put on the table and when guests entered they found the jar with their name on it and found their seats.

You can dig into your stash and cut the fabric for these wonderful party favors.  We used all purples to keep with the theme of the wedding.

Wedding Day

Well, it's official.....I have a Daughter In Law!!!  My son was married to his beautiful bride today.  Everything was great. 

If you know me at all, you know this also means that I get to make another signature quilt.  Each of the guests were asked to make a square for the bride and groom and they did a very good job.  I am very excited about the squares for this new quilt but I am exausted tonight and I am going to get some sleep.  The last few days have been very busy!

Happy Quilting,


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