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What a ViewWhat a ViewMy husband and I just returned from an exciting, wonderful, happy, sad, tiring, relaxing trip!!!  We helped my sister and brother-in-law move to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.

This is a bittersweet time for me because I will miss them dearly but I am very happy for them and I love their new place.  We are very good friends and quilting buddies.  Even though it is now going to be quite a drive and a little harder for us to get together, it is just a drive and will not require flying!  They are moving to a beautiful part of the country and will now be closer to two of their children and their families. 

Labor Day

I love the fact that we celebrate Labor Day by getting the day off of work!!! 


BeforeBeforeWhile sorting and organizing some more of the fabric I inherited from my dear friend, I found this piece.  I am grateful that her children said that I could have it to work with.  It is approximately 24" square and and is her version of a crazy quilt.  It is made from leftover blocks from a couple of the quilts she made and various scraps of fabric.


My grandson started school today!!!  I think this is way too early for school to start but since they started so early, I was able to take him to school on his first day.  At least the school building is air-conditioned.  It was nice to get to meet some of his teachers and other school personnel and to see where he will be spending his days. 

I went to their new home (they just moved in last Tuesday) to visit for a couple of days while I was still on summer break.  I know it's alot of work to move and I wanted to help unpack the rest of the boxes and help find places to put everything.

Empty Nest---Again

My husband and I are Empty Nesters --- again!!!  

Our daughter and grandson came home in May and spent the summer with us.  Our daughter began a new job and works remotely so they were able to spend the entire summer here.  It was fantastic to have them here on a day to day basis but since school starts soon, we helped  them move to their new home yesterday. 

As we were loading the moving truck, I guess the dog was afraid we were going to pack him up too as he was hiding each of his chew toys and rawhide bones!!!!  Today he kept looking around the house, searching for my grandson. They had really become buddies over the summer and it is clear that he misses them too.

Much Better

After a good night's sleep, a big cup of coffee and a fresh start Saturday morning --- things went much better for me in my studio.  The embroidery I needed to finish got done, without a hitch this time.  I was able to work on quilting a quilt, which went very well.   I'm much happier when things go smoothly!!!

Quilts Plus

Tote BagTote BagYesterday was a long and wonderful day. 

I went with my daughter and grandson to look at houses.  After house-hunting last week, she scheduled appointments to look at the houses today.  We looked at several good houses and found the perfect house which includes a huge fenced-in back yard with a park and playground very nearby.....and.....it will be available for them to move in before the new school year begins.

We stopped to eat a late lunch before the long drive home and my grandson was thrilled when he won a big stuffed animal from the claw machine at the front of the restaurant!!!

Clipping Corners

I certainly hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did.  I got to spend time with family, swim, eat, got a little sunburn, was able to look through some quilting books and spent some time quilting.

Independance Day

Although the holiday is The 4th of July, the celebration has already begun around here!!!  People have been setting off fireworks, sprucing up their yards in preparation for visitors, shopping and preparing food for cook-outs.

I wish all of my fellow Americans a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend.  I hope the weather, wherever you are, is good so you can swim, cook-out, play football, watch fireworks, visit with friends/family or whatever else you may have planned.

When the sun goes down, we can all relax and do some quilting!!!

Happy Quilting,


Life is short.  I think a person is very fortunate if they meet one very good friend/soulmate in their lifetime.  I am extremely lucky because I have a couple of these people in my life.

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