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My poor sister fell and broke her leg and ankle in several places.  She had to undergo extensive surgery to get things put back together.  Now she is in a wonderful rehabilitation center where she is learning to function without bending her leg or putting any weight on it while it heals. She has physical therapy several times per day.  Please send well wishes her way!

Between therapy sessions she has knitting, crochetting, puzzle books and her laptop to keep her busy.  I am trying to talk her into quilting lessons but I haven't been successful quite yet.  She loves the quilts that my other sister and I make but we haven't been able to convince her to join our obsession.

Happy Quilting,

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this holiday season brings you happiness and joy.

I got an early Christmas gift this year!  My son and daughter-in-law stopped by with a little gift bag.  Inside was a beautiful pink Mirano glass bead for my Pandora bracelet!!!  This was their wonderful, clever way to tell us that the baby they are expecting is a girl!  Our new granddaughter is expected to arrive in May.  May the quilting begin!  I am excited to be able to make some girly quilts.

My daughter and grandson are visiting for the holidays and decorating our tree was great fun with my grandson's help.

Gifts are all wrapped and under the tree.  I'd better get some sleep because I know he'll be up early.

Merry Christmas and

Fat Quarter Star

StarStarMy sister brought this Fat Quarter Star to me when she came to visit.  The reproduction fabrics are beautiful and the bundle fascinated me.

I did not want to undo the bundle but "had to" figure out how the pieces were folded to  look so cute!   While walking through one of the quilt shows, we saw other fat quarters displayed in these cute little star bundles and the vendor was kind enough to show us how it was done!

Each fat quarter is folded in the same manner you fold a flag for storage!  The triangular pieces formed are then turned, stacked and tied with a ribbon or string.



Happy Anniversary

     My husband and I celebrated our thirty-third wedding anniversary last week!   We were happy to just spend the evening together.  My hubby picked up dinner so I didn't have to cook and we watched a movie together.  We've been through alot this year and I am very grateful to have him by my side.

     I got alot of rest and a little sewing done this weekend along with a little bit of yardwork between raindrops!

     I'm waiting for orders to come in from Keepsake Quilting, Clotilde and JoAnns.com! Even when I can't get out to go shopping.....the shopping comes to me!

Happy Quilting!

Tucked In

Since I am able and allowed to drive again now, and had to opportunity to visit my daughter and grandson, I decided to take a little overnight roadtrip.

I was greeted with smiles and hugs. My daughter and grandson carried my things in for me and my grandson proudly showed me that he had helped get my spot ready for me.  I don't travel much and I forget how welcoming a quilt on the bed can be when you're away from home.  There was, of course, a stuffed animal all tucked in waiting for me as well!  I guess because I am around quilts so much, I sometimes take them for granted. 

Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope all of you had a safe and happy Independence Day. I hope, also, that everyone took a moment from their busy day to be grateful for our Country and remember what this day is all about!

There was swimming, food, alot of fun and sun for us today.  My son and daughter-in-law invited us to their house for a cookout.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed each other's company.

Happy Quilting,

Fabric Treasures

My daughter came today, picked my grandson up and took him home.  I miss him already!  He will be able to visit again in a couple of weeks but the house is very quiet without him. 

Graduation Quilt

Top PartTop PartI have been very anxious to show you this beautiful quilt but I felt I should wait until it was given to the recipiant so as not to spoil the surprise.  That's been done.....so here it is!!!

My sister made this T-Shirt Quilt for her eldest grandchild who graduated high-school last weekend.  Of course Sierra knew that some sort of quilt was coming because she gave the T-Shirts she collected throughout high-school to her grandmother but she didn't know exactly how it would turn out.

I love T-Shirt Quilts!  What a wonderful, useful display of memories.  I think this is a much better idea than locking all of those no longer used shirts in a box at the back of the closet!

Quilted Scrapbook

My sister and brother-in-law are going to be doing a little bit of traveling.  Their first granddaughter is graduating from highschool soon and they will be driving to attend the graduation and help her celebrate.

Since they will be driving, it will be a wonderful adventure with some beautiful sights to see.  I've encouraged them to take lots of pictures of the graduation and everything along the way.

I hope my sister will consider printing some of her photos on fabric and make a quilt.  A quilted scrapbook!  What a wonderful momento of this special occasion.

Happy Quilting,

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