Project Progress

Yesterday I was able to get outside and pull a few weeds from a couple of flowerbeds around my house.  I did get tired but the weather had cooled off and it felt really good to have my hands in the dirt again.  I'm making good progress with my recovery and it feels good to be able to get some work done. 

I got a good night's sleep and intended to get an early start this morning and attack some more of the weeds but the weather is cold and rainy so I grabbed a cup of coffee and read some of my book.  It's hard to believe that it was 98° and sunny at the beginning of the week and it was 48°, cloudy and rainy today!!!

With my second cup of coffee I sat with my computer and entered the rest of my requirements needed to renew my teaching certificate.

Elm Creek Quilts Novels

I was very happy to open the package that came today.  This wonderful box contained some books which complete an entire collection I've been working on for the past couple of years!!!

Quilt Coloring Book

Coloring BookColoring BookI received my order from Keepsake Quilting today.  I'm excited about this coloring book I ordered.  This is Helen Weinman's Quilts: Color by Number Book 1.


I ended up getting alot done this weekend.  I quilted a couple of small quilts for one of my quiltmakers and got another one loaded on my longarm machine.  I put a new cover on my ironing board and cleaned my iron.  I pulled out some blocks that are already made (leftover from quilts I've made because I always tend to make extras!) and began planning projects so they can be used.  I organized and sorted another boxful of scraps that had been collected and swept the floor of my studio.  I cleaned my machines and changed their needles ( I think it made them happySmile ).  I also changed the blades in my most used rotary cutters.

Quilter's World

If you have not had a chance, yet, to look at the December 2010 Quilter's World Magazine you may want to take some time to do so.  This magazine has several eye-catching projects to make for the up coming holidays including placemats, a table runner, a hospitality runner, a tree skirt, a mantel scarf, a floor mat, some small decorative pieces and, of course, quilts!

Do you remember making a paper reindeer using outlines of your hands for the antlers, as a child?  There is an adorable pattern (see page 52) for placemats showing off this reindeer!  They are really cute.

Christmas Quilts

Are you looking for a quilting project for Christmas?

I always glance at the quilt magazines  on the rack while I'm shopping.  I receive many magazines at home but always "look" just incase there's something new or different.  I grabbed a copy of The Quilter Magazine's Annual Holiday Issue  Quilting for Christmas because the quilt on the cover caught my eye.

Besides the articles, this issue contains 16 seasonal projects for your home and, I think, was worth picking up.  I'd like to make several of the projects for my own home.  Hmmmm.....I feel fabric shopping coming on!!

What quilty things are you going to make for the upcoming holiday season?

Happy Quilting,

High Hopes

I have very high hopes of getting alot of things accomplished this weekend.  This has been a week of long days and late nights.  I feel like I have been running around in circles doing a little here and a little there but not completing enough to make me happy.  I have several things in the works which need only a little more time and attention to  get them finished.  I also have to catch up on phone calls.  Tonight I'm going to get to bed at a decent hour and hit the floor running in the morning.

My Kit Arrived!

My KitMy KitMy quilt kit for the "Quilt For Kids Challenge" already arrived! ( ) I ordered it and thought it wouldn't come until after I was finished at school.  It will have to wait until next week to be assembled but I'm glad it got here already.

When the Weather Cooperates

I always put too much on my to-do-lists for the weekends.  In  my mind I think I should be able to accomplish all of it with time to spare.  In reality, I always end up with some things which are not crossed off..

This weekend is no different.  I, of course, have cooking, cleaning and laundry to do.  I also have a ton of yard work and gardening that need to get done.  I have to spend part of Saturday at school because I am on the interview committee to interview candidates to fill our principal's position.  What I really want to do is spend the whole weekend quilting.

Back to School

It was surely difficult to get up early this morning, get ready and make my way back to school after being off for Spring Break!!!  As much as I enjoyed the time away from school (time spent with family and friends, quilting, catching up on chores etc.), I did miss my children and the people I work with.  While catching up on all the shoes, haircuts, visits to grandma's, a trip to Florida and a broken ankle......two of my co-workers brought me surprises!!! They each had traveled over break and brought back pieces of fabric for me to add to the fabric I'm collecting for my international quilt project!!! One from Tennessee, USA and the other from London, England.  They made my day. 

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