Scrappy String Quilt

TopTopI do love scrap quilts!

I save all scraps from all of my projects.  Several of my friends save their scraps for me too so I have an even larger variety of colors and prints.

My scraps are sorted into eight different categories and stored in plastic tubs.   The categories I use are: *Crumbs* --- pieces smaller than 2½" square, *Chips*--- pieces smaller than 4½" square, *Charms* --- pieces 4½" square to 8" square,  *Chunks* --- 8" square or larger, *Selvedges* --- narrow pieces of the selvedge edge of the fabric, *Strips* --- 2½" or wider, evenly cut, *Strings* --- pieces wider than ¾" can be uneven and *Strays* --- blocks leftover from a project or practice.

Snow Day

SquaresSquaresSquaresSquaresand More Squaresand More SquaresYesterday was a wonderful day.  It was a snow day! The Chicagoland Area was hit with a winter storm and with it came that most-wanted five a.m. phone call.  The official---school is closed today phone call which translates into the you can stay in your jammies, have an extra cup of coffee, add three extra minutes to your nice hot shower, throw in a load of laundry and go to your studio and play with fabric all day phone call. I'm not sure who likes snow days more.....the students or the teachers!


EnvelopesEnvelopesI recently had the opportunity to work on this beautiful "Envelope" Quilt. 

Each of the eighty-eight envelopes is made from a fancy ladies handkerchief.  The handkerchief is folded to form the envelope.  Since each handkerchief (thus each envelope) is slightly different in size, a white-on-white border is added to each one then each piece is "squared up" to create the actual block.

The entire eighty-eight envelope pieced center was surrounded with a white-on-white framing border before the other borders were added to make the quilt top a bit larger than a queen size.

Baby Quilt

It felt really good to work in my studio for a couple of hours after school today.  I'm having a difficult time getting things done lately because I still get tired easily but little by little I'll get back to normal.

Stained Glass Log Cabin

Stained GlassStained GlassThis beautiful quilt was dropped off to be quilted by one of my longtime quilting friends.  She has made a couple of these. Each one more striking than the last.

I just love this quilt and have to make one!

This gorgeous scrap quilt is a good way to use up some of your scrap collection.  When Gina makes a quilt, she cuts her scraps into 1½inch strips (for 1inch finished pieces) so they are ready to create one of these masterpieces.  Black fabric is cut into ¾inch strips (for ¼inch finished pieces) and sewn to each piece for the "lead".  The black sashings and her bright colors make it look as though light is actually shining through a stained glass window.

Work In Progress

Nine PatchNine PatchSince I haven't been feeling well this week, I was looking for a project I could begin from my easy chair!

This Nine Patch quilt project was in pieces when I found it among the treasusres from my storage locker score.  I wanted to finish the quilt so it didn't go to waste but I didn't like the way it was looking.  Whoever started this project had pieced ten of the Nine Patch blocks and assembled two rows. The sashing pieces in those two rows were a bright, white on white fabric.  The blocks are made using four squares of a fabric with a tan background containing swirls of blue, green, maroon and brown and five squares of a maroon/dark maroon floral print. 

Selvedge Quilt

/sekvedges/sekvedgesThis entire quilt is made from fabric selvedges. 

The selvedge is the edge of the fabric, often white and usually with information about the fabric such as dots to show which colors were used in the print, the name of the pattern, designer, and/or manufacturer.  Usually the selvedges are cut off and discarded.  For the past year or so, I have heard alot about using the selvedges to create projects.  It seems to be all the rage and I have seen several articles on the subject.

Coffee Lover's Fabric

Coffee WordsCoffee WordsBags of CoffeeBags of CoffeeI am a coffee lover!!!  When I was a young child I began drinking coffee although at that time it was really milk and sugar with a little coffee in it!!!  I remember feeling very grown-up when I got to drink a cup of my special coffee as my mother and father were drinking their cups of coffee.

I also have fond memories of camping with my family,  I learned to swim, hike, fish and row a boat.  I also learned that coffee made over a campfire could cure alot of things!!!  If we were cold or our muscles ached, dad gave us a stout cup of coffee.

Replacing Missing Quilt Top

At the beginning of February,  my sister mailed a quilt top to me to be quilted.  The quilt top was stolen from the mail and never reached me.

We were both intriqued with the Jelly Roll Race quilt and we both collect frogs (like our mom had) so we used fabrics from my stash and made Froggy Jelly Roll Race quilts. 

Cutting Squares

I am feeling pretty good today! 

While watching television today I saw that commercial with the little baby who does trading on his computer and speaks with an adult voice.  In this one he is standing in his crib and says he is in solitary confinement.  I noticed a quilt hanging on the side of the crib.

The quilt is simple and very pretty.  It is made entirely of tan, off-white, and light brown squares.  The squares look to be six or eight inches.

I like the look of this quilt so today I started cutting six inch squares to make one of my own.  I can't do alot at once yet but it felt good to have my rotary cutter back in my hand!

Happy Quilting,

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