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OneOneMy sister and I had a wonderful visit.  I was very sad to see her go home.  We never have enough time together to get all of the things done that we plan!

We did go to our niece's bridal shower, introduced her to my new granddaughter, dined at some of our favorite restaurants, shopped at some of our favorite stores, ordered our favorite pizza and, of course, spent time quilting and playing with fabric.

This Batik beauty is one of the quilts I quilted for my sister.  I am fascinated with Batiks and love the combination of blues and browns.  Just looking at this quilt makes me feel cozy, comfortable and warm.


Photo Quilt

Finished QuiltFinished QuiltThis quilt is made from photographs I took last summer at a Fly In for Experimental Aircraft.  It includes pictures of airplanes, helicopters, power paragliders and power parachutes. 

I printed the pictures on Printed Treasures fabric sheets.  I have had good luck with Printed Treasures and like the way the colors come out on the fabric.  Details show up nicely and I make sure to buy the one that is washable incase of a spill or other mishap.

Scrapbook Quilting

I envy people who always have their camera ready.  The people who catch those great shots at every party, picnic, play, walk in the park and BBQ!  I am trying to get better with my own photography.  I usually, after the fact, think, "that would have been a great picture".  Of course by then it's too late.  I also have great intentions  about scrapbooking the photos I do take!

Custom Car Quilt

Recently I had the opportunity to make a Custom Car Quilt for a man's 50th birthday ( welcome to the fun side of the hill, Jerry! ).  I must admit that I make more quilts for women than I do for men.  Not on purpose, it just works out that way!  This quilt was alot of fun to work on.

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