Christmas Quilts

Are you looking for a quilting project for Christmas?

I always glance at the quilt magazines  on the rack while I'm shopping.  I receive many magazines at home but always "look" just incase there's something new or different.  I grabbed a copy of The Quilter Magazine's Annual Holiday Issue  Quilting for Christmas because the quilt on the cover caught my eye.

Besides the articles, this issue contains 16 seasonal projects for your home and, I think, was worth picking up.  I'd like to make several of the projects for my own home.  Hmmmm.....I feel fabric shopping coming on!!

What quilty things are you going to make for the upcoming holiday season?

Happy Quilting,

Quilted Bags!

One of my students brought me a wonderful gift.  She and her mom were shopping and found a pattern for quilted tote bags.  It was so nice of them to think of me.  I like bags and the fact that these are quilted bags makes it even better.  I use bags to carry papers back and forth to school, books from the library and projects I am able to work with on the go. The pattern  I received is Butterick's #B4248 which includes 4 styles with endless possibilities because, like with our quilts, we can use any fabrics we choose.

Quilting Calendars

Do you have your 7 calendars ready?   My mother used to always make sure she had 7 calendars for the  new year hung up in the house before midnight on December 31.  During the first December after I got married my mom brought me a calendar and asked if I  could  get  6 more myself or if I needed her help.  Mom reminded me that, according to the wives tale, if you had 7 calendars for the new year hung in your house before midnight on December 31 you would have good luck throughout the new year. 

Comment Contest

Congratulations to Cat from Davenport, Iowa who posted the following comment and won the One More Quilt mug full of goodies!

Patterns, patterns, who's got the patterns?

 I am a simple soul . . . because I don't have time right now for anything fancy! My favorite pattern is the nine patch, at the moment. You can change the look and style with just a few simple steps - add borders, turn them on their points, etc, and get a different feel and a fantastic quilt every time. :)


The Teaser

The last week saw a slow-down here on the One More Quilt blog.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, and was a little slow to get the blog posts out.  I'm better now, and back to blogging.  We all have things that comfort us when we're not feeling well.  My favorite is to be snuggled under one of my favorite quilts with my daughter serving me hot tea.  No matter what my ailment, that helps me feel better.

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