Mailing Quilts


BeautifulBeautifulThis beautiful quilt has been delivered safe and sound!

Two years ago, my sister mailed a quilt top to be quilted and a few other items in a box to me.  I got a box with some packing materials but otherwise empty.  Although the package was insured and the USPS (United States Postal Service) did pay the insured amount, we felt they did not put their best effort forth to locate the missing quilt.  It was very sad and my sister said she planned never to mail a quilt or quilt top again.

Blackford's Beauty

What a BeautyWhat a BeautyThis is a beautiful quilt called Blackford's Beauty.  You can find the pattern for this quilt in the book entitled 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts. 

The quilter who made this quilt is a particularly precise piecer (say that three times fastLaughing).  Her points and corners are always crisp and clean.

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