Fourth of July

Happy Fourth

Happy Independance Day to all of you!  We often think of the Fourth of July as a day for picnics, parties, cook outs, swimming pools and fireworks.  While these things are all wonderful fun, I think it is important for us in the United States of America to remember why we celebrate this day.  With this in mind...I hope you enjoy your day whether you are spending it alone or in the company of family and friends.

I have been spending the day with my family. I also had some time to spend in my studio, and will be grilling our dinner in a little while.  This evening, we will enjoy watching fireworks from our own yard.  Our neighbors put on quite a display and we can see the fireworks shows from five of the surrounding towns.

Independance Day

Although the holiday is The 4th of July, the celebration has already begun around here!!!  People have been setting off fireworks, sprucing up their yards in preparation for visitors, shopping and preparing food for cook-outs.

I wish all of my fellow Americans a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend.  I hope the weather, wherever you are, is good so you can swim, cook-out, play football, watch fireworks, visit with friends/family or whatever else you may have planned.

When the sun goes down, we can all relax and do some quilting!!!

Happy Quilting,

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