Happy Easter/Spring/Life

Spring and Easter have always meant new hope, new beginnings and new life to me.  This year they have an even deeper meaning of all of those things to me and I have great cause for celebrating life.

Shortly after the last time I shared with you, my husband slipped and fell on the horrible ice that was everywhere around us during our winter in the Midwest.  The paramedics reacted quickly and brought him to the nearest hospital.  After a few days, and not thorough care, he was released and we came home. He continued to get worse and had some complications. Next came a trip to Urgent Care and after more complications, a stay in another hospital where they found that he had broken his back and had a serious head injury and bleeding, all from the fall.

National Quilting Day

I'm not going to let it sneek up on me this year.  I'm planning ahead.  March 19 is National Quilting Day and I am bound and determined to have a plan.  I'm planning, so far, to host a quilting day with family and friends. A little quilting and a little lunch (and munchies and desserts!!!) always lead to alot of talking and alot of laughter!!!

I'm not sure yet if I'll ask everyone to bring their own project to work on or if I'll cut kits and we can all work on the same quilt.  Maybe I'll be able to get the group to agree to work on a Crazy Quilt.  I know I have been on a little Crazy Quilt kick lately and wouldnpt mind getting others on the band-wagon too!

If you have any ideas for a terrific quilting party day,  please send them my way.

Fat Quarters Collection

On more than one occasion, I have been the subject of amusement for my friends and family.  Today was one of those daysSmile.  My daughter and I were talking (still enjoying our Holiday visit) and the topic of the conversation turned to quilting (big surprise there!).  I was telling her about the collection of fat quarters I bought recently.  This was the second of these collections I purchased.  When I purchased the first collection, some of my friends admired them so I bought the second collection with the intention of sharing.  My dilemma is this,  when I opened the second box I discovered that there are some different fabr

Great Shirt

Great ShirtGreat ShirtWhile fabric shopping with my sister today, I got a glimpse of this shirt as a woman walked by.  All I said to the woman was "Please stop and turn this way."  She stopped, turned and opened her jacket so I could see her shirt.  Funny how she knew what I wanted!!!

My sister may have thought I was a little crazy when I asked if I could take a picture to share with you.....but I thought it was a great shirt.

Reusable Quilt

Great IdeaGreat IdeaI had the opportunity to work on this wonderful project.  One of my quilter's daughter in law works with children that have suffered the loss of a loved one.  This worthy program helps children deal with this tremendous loss.

During the program, the children work on different projects.  One of the projects is to design a quilt square.  The quilt squares are very meaningful works of art.  We all know art is really good therapy --- I think that's one of the reasons I love quilting so much.  While working on a quilt I think, dream, plan, plot and solve problems!!!


Fall is certainly here!  The weather is cool, the leaves are changing color and starting to fall, the garden is just about done and the geese are making their way south.  We have turned off the air conditioning but have not convinced ourselves to turn the heat on yet.

Last night I was very tired.  I finally went to bed. I snuggled down and got very comfy.  I was drifting off to sleep when my husband said, "They say it's going to frost tonight."  Ohhhh man.   I had to get up from my warm and comfy spot, get dressed and go outside in the cold to bring my plants inside. 

So after half an hour of carrying potted plants back into the house.....I finally went to bed.  I snuggled down and got very comfy.  I drifted off to sleep.

Nascar Interference

What a terrific weekend.  My husband and I got to go to the Nascar Races in Michigan with our dear friends.  It was great.  We ate too much, slept too little, baked in the hot-hot-hot sun and enjoyed every minuteSmile

Independance Day

Happy 4th of July!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day and find a safe way to celebrate our nation's independance.

I hope you have a comfy quilt to sit on while watching the fireworks!!!Laughing

Happy Quilting,


DragonfliesDragonfliesMy sister picked up her finished quilt.  Now that she has seen it,  I can share it with you!  This quilt is absolutely beautiful.  I'm afraid my pictures will not do it justice but I took a few to show to you anyway.  My sister  is an awesome artist.  She designed and created this quilt herself.  Believe it or not, this is her first attempt at applique!!!   She is such a fast learner,   and now,  hooked on appliqueWink.

Shopping With My Grandson

You know we have had our grandson with us this week while our daughter was on a business trip.  We have had a fantastic time.  I have slowed down on my quilting just a bit, but, as I'm sure you understand,  their only young once!!!

My grandson has been around quilts, quilting, thread and fabric his entire life.  We have his trains set up so he can play while I'm busy in my studio.  He loves to help and it is amazing how much he has learned over the years.  He knows the names of most of my tools, he knows how to press fabric, he knows how to measure accurately with a tape measure,  he can sew a straight stitch on a sewing machine, he likes to turn the handle and help cut pieces with my Acccuquilt machine and he is a good fabric shopper.

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