Crazy Quilt

Snow Day

SquaresSquaresSquaresSquaresand More Squaresand More SquaresYesterday was a wonderful day.  It was a snow day! The Chicagoland Area was hit with a winter storm and with it came that most-wanted five a.m. phone call.  The official---school is closed today phone call which translates into the you can stay in your jammies, have an extra cup of coffee, add three extra minutes to your nice hot shower, throw in a load of laundry and go to your studio and play with fabric all day phone call. I'm not sure who likes snow days more.....the students or the teachers!


BeforeBeforeWhile sorting and organizing some more of the fabric I inherited from my dear friend, I found this piece.  I am grateful that her children said that I could have it to work with.  It is approximately 24" square and and is her version of a crazy quilt.  It is made from leftover blocks from a couple of the quilts she made and various scraps of fabric.

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