Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this holiday season brings you happiness and joy.

I got an early Christmas gift this year!  My son and daughter-in-law stopped by with a little gift bag.  Inside was a beautiful pink Mirano glass bead for my Pandora bracelet!!!  This was their wonderful, clever way to tell us that the baby they are expecting is a girl!  Our new granddaughter is expected to arrive in May.  May the quilting begin!  I am excited to be able to make some girly quilts.

My daughter and grandson are visiting for the holidays and decorating our tree was great fun with my grandson's help.

Gifts are all wrapped and under the tree.  I'd better get some sleep because I know he'll be up early.

Merry Christmas and

I See Quilts Everywhere!

So, I was being a very good girl today getting ready for a family gathering tomorrow.  Since we were sick during the Christmas Season, we postponed our family get-together.  It was difficult for me to work on getting things prepared for this fun time and avoid the temptation to go to my studio and sew!!!  I did, however, gather my self control and worked on the housework, shopping and food preparations.

Making a List

How many of you are all finished with your holiday preparations including shopping and giftwrapping?

I am not!!!  I do think I'm a little ahead of where I usually am at this time though. I have my lists made.  I have several lists.  I have a list for quiltiing, one for school, one for Christmas Day, one for the big family celebration and one for general things that need to get done....and yes I will be checking them twice!

I have a couple of quilts to finish before Christmas and would love to have enough time to get a couple of my own projects quilted, at least by the new year.

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