Baby Quilt

Farmall Tractors

NiceNiceCuteCuteTractorTractorThe secret is out! The baby quilt was given at the shower last weekend.

Friends of ours are expecting their first child and know it is a boy.  Daddy collects Farmall Tractors made by International Harvester.

Baby Quilt

ClownsClownsAnother OneAnother OneThese adorable clowns are part of a hand embroidered quilt top I found in the items I got from the storage unit full of quilting goodies.

I had a very difficult time getting pictures of this quilt top to turn out so you could see them.  There are four clowns hand embroidered in pastel colors which make up the top for this baby quilt.  The clown on the left is at the top, the clown on the right at the bottom and two clowns in the middle are all surrounded by balloons and a dainty little border.  The embroidery is done on a solid white piece of fabric.

Early Baby

I confess..........I have been known to procrastinate.  I believe this is by nature, not by choice.  As a child, if the teacher gave us two weeks to work on a project, I did it the last two or three days before it was due.  I finished hand sewing the pearls on the edges of my veil after the rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding!  If I need something new in my wardrobe, I am often shopping for the fabric a week before the event I will wear the new item to.  I usually do all of my Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving ( even though I vow every year to have it all done before Thanksgiving!).  And, I make baby quilts right before the babies are due.

Special Baby Quilt

Jack and JillJack and JillMy grandson came for a visit this weekend.  He has grown like a weed!!!

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