Preparing for Spring Break

Finally, report cards are finished, parent contacts made, pilot testing of a new standardized test done, meetings attended and the final quarter of this school year is underway.  I have begun Spring Cleaning my classroom and organizing things to be packed for the summer and preparing for both the end of this school year and the beginning of the next.

Our weather is finally getting a little more pleasant and maybe I have "Spring Fever" but I have been Spring Cleaning my studio also.  I want everything shiny, clean and in order so I can spend my upcoming Spring Break quilting, not cleaning!!!

Accuquilt Snowmen

SnowmanSnowmanI recently got these two dies from Accuquilt.

Although these dies are for the Accuquilt Go and I have the Accuquilt Studio machine, I can use them with my machine because I also purchased the adapter which makes this possible.  I am very happy that Accuquilt came out with the adapter which helps make my machine more versatile than ever.

Monday was a day off of school for Columbus Day. A friend and I had a quilting day together. It was wonderful. We had alot of fun talking and "playing". She also has an Accuquilt machine and we were comparing our dies and coming up with many new project ideas to use them for.


Have you seen the Accuquilt sale that is going on right now?  You might want to take a look!!! The Studio dies are 40% off! That's an amazing sale and it ends September 23.

I am also looking for the Leaping Frog die and found out that it has been discontinued. Frown It was made for the Accuquilt GO but I have the adapter and could use it on my Studio cutter.  If anyone has one that they would be willing to part with.....Please let me know!

Hoppy Quilting Laughing,

Back to Business

Pink RibbonPink RibbonI am happy to say that my husband is feeling well and doing so much better.  He is back to work and back to being his old self.  I feel like summer has really just begun and I am busy with the normal activities of cleaning, yardwork and, of course, quilting!

Cold Weather Sport

Our weather has turned very cold. Cold weather is to be expected in January, in Illinois, but our winter has been mild so far so this seems exceptionally cold.  People around me are hoping for snow and are talking about the cold weather sports they love such as skating, skiing, sledding, building snowmen and even making show angels.  Years ago I did all of that with my children, but frankly, now I'd rather stay warm and dry in the confort of my own home.  My favorite cold weather sport is quilting (OK, quilting is my favorite cold weather sport, warm weather sport, wet weather sport, dry weather sport, windy weather sport, fair weather sport, hobby, art, craft ......)

Apple Cores

I have about fifty million things to do and instead of attacking my to-do list I decided to use my Accuquilt Machine and cut out a bunch of apple core pieces.  I am so excited to learn about the Curve Master Foot that I want to have pieces already cut out that I can practice on. 

I especially want to be able to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt, and hope the foot will help me, but I think practicing with Apple Cores first is a wise choice.

It's crazy....I'm even dreaming about sewing curves!  Can't wait until I get my foot!

Happy Quilting,


Stormy Day

Our electricity was on and off a couple of times today.  First the electric company came to replace our electric meter and had to turn our electricity off for a brief period of time. We had thunderstorms today which came with alot of thunder and lightening and our power went off and on a couple of times.  The thunder and lightening are quite active again now.

Replacing Missing Quilt Top

At the beginning of February,  my sister mailed a quilt top to me to be quilted.  The quilt top was stolen from the mail and never reached me.

We were both intriqued with the Jelly Roll Race quilt and we both collect frogs (like our mom had) so we used fabrics from my stash and made Froggy Jelly Roll Race quilts. 

Long Distance Quilting

I'm going to try something a little different.......Long Distance Quilting!  My sister and her husband moved a few hundred miles away and I really miss getting together with my sister for quilting days.  Hopefully during the spring and summer we will be able to get together for a week or long weekend of quilting but the winter weather is unreliable for travel. 

Hawaiian Blocks

It's supposed to be Spring.  I can't believe it's snowing again!  The temperature dropped this evening and now the snow is falling.  I had my car washed today so of course it will rain and snow!!!  I think that's one of Murphy's Laws.

I turned my thoughts to Spring, despite the weather outside, and leafed through a couple of quilt magazines and my Accuquilt catalog as I drank a cup of coffee.  There are bright, happy colors being shown all over.  I was drawn to the Hawaiian Block dies in the Accuquilt catalog and decided to order the die for the Summer Bouquet block.  This die will cut a 15" x 15" floral design to be appliqued to a background fabric. 

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