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One Year

PlaquePlaqueHappy one year!

This is the one year anniversary of my first surgery for Ovarian Cancer.  Two surgeries and one year later....I'm doing great.  I still get tired more easily than I used to but I think that is slowly getting better too!  I have wonderful family and friends who helped me through this scary and difficult time. 


EnvelopesEnvelopesI recently had the opportunity to work on this beautiful "Envelope" Quilt. 

Each of the eighty-eight envelopes is made from a fancy ladies handkerchief.  The handkerchief is folded to form the envelope.  Since each handkerchief (thus each envelope) is slightly different in size, a white-on-white border is added to each one then each piece is "squared up" to create the actual block.

The entire eighty-eight envelope pieced center was surrounded with a white-on-white framing border before the other borders were added to make the quilt top a bit larger than a queen size.

Cold Weather Sport

Our weather has turned very cold. Cold weather is to be expected in January, in Illinois, but our winter has been mild so far so this seems exceptionally cold.  People around me are hoping for snow and are talking about the cold weather sports they love such as skating, skiing, sledding, building snowmen and even making show angels.  Years ago I did all of that with my children, but frankly, now I'd rather stay warm and dry in the confort of my own home.  My favorite cold weather sport is quilting (OK, quilting is my favorite cold weather sport, warm weather sport, wet weather sport, dry weather sport, windy weather sport, fair weather sport, hobby, art, craft ......)


My poor sister fell and broke her leg and ankle in several places.  She had to undergo extensive surgery to get things put back together.  Now she is in a wonderful rehabilitation center where she is learning to function without bending her leg or putting any weight on it while it heals. She has physical therapy several times per day.  Please send well wishes her way!

Between therapy sessions she has knitting, crochetting, puzzle books and her laptop to keep her busy.  I am trying to talk her into quilting lessons but I haven't been successful quite yet.  She loves the quilts that my other sister and I make but we haven't been able to convince her to join our obsession.

Happy Quilting,

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this holiday season brings you happiness and joy.

I got an early Christmas gift this year!  My son and daughter-in-law stopped by with a little gift bag.  Inside was a beautiful pink Mirano glass bead for my Pandora bracelet!!!  This was their wonderful, clever way to tell us that the baby they are expecting is a girl!  Our new granddaughter is expected to arrive in May.  May the quilting begin!  I am excited to be able to make some girly quilts.

My daughter and grandson are visiting for the holidays and decorating our tree was great fun with my grandson's help.

Gifts are all wrapped and under the tree.  I'd better get some sleep because I know he'll be up early.

Merry Christmas and

Tis the Season

I, for one, am glad the world did not come to an end yesterday!  I can't even count all of the "End of the World" predictions I've lived through in my lifetime.  I remember being a young child and being really worried that "they" knew what they were talking about ..... and always happy to realize they were wrong and the world lived to see another day!

Farmall Tractors

NiceNiceCuteCuteTractorTractorThe secret is out! The baby quilt was given at the shower last weekend.

Friends of ours are expecting their first child and know it is a boy.  Daddy collects Farmall Tractors made by International Harvester.

Hydrangea Basket

HydrangeasHydrangeasI recently finishBlossomsBlossomsBackgroundBackgrounded quilting this beautiful Hydrangea Basket wallhanging. 

The woman who made this quilt paid close attention to every detail. The basket is actually woven from slender tubes of fabric.  The leaves and vines are neatly appliqued complete with embroidered veins and each deWoven BasketWoven Basketlicate Hydrangea Blossom is a seperate piece with a beautiful glass bead center.

Baby Quilt

It felt really good to work in my studio for a couple of hours after school today.  I'm having a difficult time getting things done lately because I still get tired easily but little by little I'll get back to normal.

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