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Out Like A Lamb

I think Spring might have finally arrived!!!  March came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb.  Our temperatures are warming up and the sun was shining all day long.  I felt better today than I have inn a long time.  Our winter, this year, was long and hard with many dark, cold, dreary days and record breaking amounts of snow.  I'm sooo glad it seems to be over. Smile

Happy Spring

For the BirdsFor the BirdsToday was the first full day of Spring.  The weather was the nicest we've had all year. Our temperature reached 61°F, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze.

It's time, once again, to give the birds a helping hand.  They are coming back to the area and building nests.  I saved a large jar of thread and fabric scraps for the birds and bought a new feeder with quarter inch holes.  I fill the feeder with the scraps and hang it from a tree branch outside.  The birds will sometimes use these scraps to help build their nests and I like being able to recycle the scraps and keep them out of the landfill.

National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day is March 15th. That's tomorrow!!!

I can sure use an excuse to hide in my studio and get some work done!  Not that I need an excuse but after all of the schedule changes for State Testing at school, the horrible weather this week (yes, we had even more snow), the darned flu etc... I will welcome the opportunity to celebrate something wonderful. Wink  And we all know, quilting is wonderful!

I have several projects I am working on, I just have to decide which one to work on first. 


In Like A Lion

Our winter weather this year has been relentless.  It has been our worst winter in over thirty years.  Although I'm not a real fan of being outside during harsh winter weather,  winter doesn't usually bother me too much.  I walk the dog a few times a day and spend most of the remainder of my time indoors.  The ridiculous amount of snow we have had and the long string of below zero and in the teens temperatures are really starting to take its toll.


BeautifulBeautifulThis beautiful quilt has been delivered safe and sound!

Two years ago, my sister mailed a quilt top to be quilted and a few other items in a box to me.  I got a box with some packing materials but otherwise empty.  Although the package was insured and the USPS (United States Postal Service) did pay the insured amount, we felt they did not put their best effort forth to locate the missing quilt.  It was very sad and my sister said she planned never to mail a quilt or quilt top again.

Two Years

RibbonsRibbonsLife is good.

This teal ribbon fabric is part of the Blank Fabric Inspiration Collection.  Every cancer and many special causes have their own color.  We are all familiar with pink standing for Breast Cancer.   Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer.

Today is the 2-year anniversary of my surgery for Ovarian Cancer.  I am very fortunate.  My family and doctors are fantastic,  my surgery was successful, and my cancer was low malignancy.

Nine Patch

Nine PatchNine PatchAnother of my friends lost her sister.  She kindly brought a couple of boxes of fabric to me that her sister had left behind.  I cherish the treasures I inheret from others and try to put them to good use as I believe they would want.

While I was going through the boxes, I found a WIP (Work In Progress)!!!  Her sister had started to make a 9-Patch Quilt.  She had cut alot of 3½" squares and many were already matched up for the blocks.  She had also already pieced some 9-Patch Blocks so I continued to sew the fabrics together as she had matched them up.  I ended up with thirty, 9", 9-Patch blocks and a bunch of leftover squares.

I assembled the 9-Patch Blocks in five rows of six blocks each.   I sewed a 3" frame around the assembled 9-Patch Blocks then made a border with the leftover squares and finished with a plain outer border.

I used a neutral backing and quilted with a sturdy over-all pattern.  I attached a label and this keepsake was complete.

It gave me great pleasure to present this finished quilt to my friend this weekend.  I hope it brings warmth and comfort to her as she cuddles up and enjoys memories of her sister.

Happy Quilting,



My Mistake

EdgeEdgeI made a mistake when I told you about my colorful Tumbler quilt.  I am  now working on a Tumbler Quilt using a nine inch tumbler block.  I gave you the information for that quilt!

The quilt with the six inch tumblers is twenty rows of twenty-three tumblers.  This means 460 tumblers make up this quilt.  Each tumbler is different thanks to the donations of scraps from some of my friends.  So....keep cutting!!!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Happy Quilting,


TumblersTumblersSnow, snow, and more snow!!!  We got several more inches of snow today. For the most part, I stayed inside and got alot accomplished.  If it were a weekday, we may have had another snowday away from school.  I know I will probably be crying in June when we have to extend our school year to make up for the days we have missed for the snow and/or horrible cold, but, I have been enjoying the extra time at home.

My sister is often after me to do something for myself.   I guess like "the shoemaker's kids never have shoes"....."the quiltmaker doesn't have quilts"!

I finally finished one of my Tumbler Quilts and got it on the bed.


Liquidation Sale

My daughter-in-law let me know that a Joann Fabrics store in our area is closing.  They are having a liquidation sale and she and her sister found some great deals.  I drove out there and found some wonderful deals too!!!  All fabric is on sale by the bolt only but at 40 to 75% off it was well worth the visit.

While shopping, I found out that two stores within 45 minutes of my home are closing (both having liquidation sales).  A super store is being built to replace the two smaller, older stores.  I am very excited about the opening of the new store and can't wait to see what kind of Grand Opening festivities they are planning.  I love shopping at new stores while everything is fresh, new, clean and orderely.

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