Quilt Clock

ClockClockWhen my friend came over for our sewing day she brought me a Christmas gift. When I opened the box, I was delighted to see this awesome clock.  After she left, I immediately hung it in my studio.  It looks great! It certainly is the perfect clock for a quilter. Smile

Our sewing day was alot of fun. We kept my embroidery machine going on the counter while we were sewing with our machines at the table.  We both worked on making 6½ blocks out of selvedges to create new quilt tops.  We embroidered, we sewed, we talked, we laughed, we told stories and vowed to have sewing days more frequently during 2014!

I get to have a little bonus quilting time this week!  Today and tomorrow are both "snow days" since we are having such horrible weather.  We got a ton of snow and the temperature was -18°F today.  With the wind blowing harshly we can't keep up with the drifting and many roads are closed.  It is supposed to reach -2ºF tomorrow (ooohh, heat wave!) and hopefully the wind will calm down so the roads and driveways can be, and stay, cleared.  Since I can't get out to go anywhere, our Christmas Tree is down and all decorations are put away.....I can't think of a better way to spend my time than quilting.Wink

My mother tried to teach me that every cloud has a silver lining.  I can't help it that my silver lining often takes the form of quilting!!!

Stay warm.

Happy Quilting,