Snow Day

SquaresSquaresSquaresSquaresand More Squaresand More SquaresYesterday was a wonderful day.  It was a snow day! The Chicagoland Area was hit with a winter storm and with it came that most-wanted five a.m. phone call.  The official---school is closed today phone call which translates into the you can stay in your jammies, have an extra cup of coffee, add three extra minutes to your nice hot shower, throw in a load of laundry and go to your studio and play with fabric all day phone call. I'm not sure who likes snow days more.....the students or the teachers!

I wish we had four-day weekends every weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Pulaski Day and the beloved Snow Day). I had a blast working (playing) in my studio.  I quilted two quilts for a quilter preparing for a show, worked on a secret project (sorry, no details until later as the recipiant reads this blog!) and made squares for my newest project (some shown above).

I started making six inch crazy quilt squares with small scraps I've collected because I can't stand to throw away any usuable piece of fabric.  Loving the idea of keeping these pieces out of the landfill, liking being able to recycle and repurpose these tiny scraps into these oh so cute blocks and creating a new quilt top makes me happy.  I thought making these squares would be a great on-going project. If I made one or two when I had a few spare moments between projects or before appointments, I would eventually have enough to create a quilt top.  I should have known better than that........if I begin a book--- I have to stay up reading until I finish from front to back, if I begin a jigsaw puzzle---I can't sleep until every piece is in place, if I am weaving a basket---I can't stop until the rim is what made me think I could calmly work on my crazy blocks a little at a time?  I have been a little crazy and obsessed working on these blocks. I find it very addicting while soothing at the same time.  I have completed ninty-six squares!!! Once I started I just kept going and going and going!!!

I need one hundred twenty blocks for my quilt top and can't wait for more sewing time. I think the scraps are multiplying while I'm not looking. Using all of those pieces and making all of those blocks hasn't seemed to make a dent in the tub of scraps! I may just have to keep sewing and sewing!

Happy Quilting,