Selvedge Quilt

/sekvedges/sekvedgesThis entire quilt is made from fabric selvedges. 

The selvedge is the edge of the fabric, often white and usually with information about the fabric such as dots to show which colors were used in the print, the name of the pattern, designer, and/or manufacturer.  Usually the selvedges are cut off and discarded.  For the past year or so, I have heard alot about using the selvedges to create projects.  It seems to be all the rage and I have seen several articles on the subject.

Since I love scrap quilts, like to try new things and will try almost anything once, I started saving selvedges.  I loved the idea of being able to use every bit of a piece of fabric.   As I finished sorting all of my scraps last week and saw how many selvedges I had collected, I decided to create a project with them!

BlockBlockWhen I finished making the first twelve inch block, I decided I didn't like the look and declared that I would never make another selvedge project!!! I removed the selvedge bin from my scrap savers.

Since I had saved so many selvedges and since I like to finish what I start, I decided to finish the quilt.  I continued to sew selvedges together.  I thought, at the very least, a finished project would be a good conversation piece.

I made twenty, twelve inch blocks by laying the selvedge over the raw edge of the next piece so about 3/8" of the fabric design was visible and topstitching close to the edge.  I then trimmed the piece in the back leaving about 1/4" from the stitching.  I squared up each block (measure and cut so edges are even and blocks are a consistant size) to 12½" so the finished blocks are twelve inches.  When assembling the quilt top I alternated the blocks placing some vertically and the others horizontally. 

As I sewed more and more selvedges together creating more and more blocks, it began to grow on me.  When I assembled the quilt top and saw the woven appearance, I decided it wasn't so bad!!!  I put the selvedge bin back with my other scrap saver bins.

My sister is intrigued and is saving selvedges to make 10" blocks.  My neighbor absolutely loves it and is now saving selvedges to create her own quilt.  Yes,  I admit, I am saving selvedges again and plan to make enough 6" blocks to create another quilt!

Happy Quilting,