A Quilt For Everyone!

A good friend of mine stopped by today to drop off another quilt to be quilted. This woman is a great quilter. She makes beautiful quilts and gives many of them away. I have seen her give quilts for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, shower gifts, to welcome a new baby, to support several different charities and more. During our conversation she commented that she hoped that no one felt like she was "pushing" her quilts on them!!!!! Oh my goodness. I tried to assure her that no one would ever feel that way about a quilt. Quilts make a great gift for any occasion, and it's not just us quilt addicts that think so! The more I think about our conversation, the more I think I'm right.


Welcome friends, family, fellow quilters and soon-to-be-friends. What a wonderful gift from my daughter---a "quilty" website. We hope for this to be a community driven site. We can share, learn, laugh, cry, talk, help and visit with each other!

I can't wait to hear about your projects and to see some of your favorites in the Showcase Forum.

Thanks !

Thank you Susan. I love this and appreciate all of your efforts. This is a wonderful gift. I love you and you make me proud.
As for the new quilt....maybe we could work on one together now that we are back to living in the same state as each other!! Little Fish could help. You know how he loves to spend time in the studio!

Happy Quilting,

Happy Birthday!

Well, Mom, here we go... OneMoreQuilt version 2.0 is live for the taking, just in time to celebrate your ***number redacted for fear of my life*** birthday. I hope you have fun sharing your love of quilts and quilting with the world.



P.S. Toys inside include:

Your quilt blog
One More Quilt Radio (coming soon!)
Any quilter can create a site for their quilt group
Quilt Forums (open ones for everyone, and private ones for groups)
and more!

P.P.S. Your grandson spilled ketchup on my leaf quilt today. Somehow I think this should mean another quilt for me.

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