First Day of Fall

Happy First Full Day of Fall.  Our weather was absolutely beautiful today and it was quite inspiring.It was kind of a crazy Monday at school but I was able to get my class (very energetic second graders) outside for a few minutes of recess to enjoy this gorgeous fall day.

Since it is still National Sewing Month.....I took my sewing/embroidery machine to the spa ( is giving me some trouble so I took it to the repair shop) for the overall treatment.  Thank goodness I am fortunate to have another so I can still get some piecing accomplished while she is away from home.


Have you seen the Accuquilt sale that is going on right now?  You might want to take a look!!! The Studio dies are 40% off! That's an amazing sale and it ends September 23.

I am also looking for the Leaping Frog die and found out that it has been discontinued. Frown It was made for the Accuquilt GO but I have the adapter and could use it on my Studio cutter.  If anyone has one that they would be willing to part with.....Please let me know!

Hoppy Quilting Laughing,

My New Featherweight Baby

New BabyNew BabyHappy National Sewing Month to me!!!

I am always checking out Singer Featherweight Machines and weaving looms on EBay, Craig's List, at estate sales, garage sales, auctions and anywhere else I can find them.  The machines are often incomplete, not in working order, left to rust and rot or very beat-up with really high price tags.


ViewViewView twoView twoIt was so hard to keep this beautiful quilt a secret!!!

My sister made this gorgeous Bargello quilt to be given to her granddaughter on her wedding day.  I got to quilt this beauty for her but had to promise not to show it to you until after the wedding.  We certainly didn't want the Bride-to-be to spot it and ruin the surprise!

The wedding was last weekend so I get to let the cat out of the bag!!!  Of course the Bride and Groom love this wonderful gift.  I think it's nice that I get to show it to you during National Sewing Month!

National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month!!!  As quilters we are very lucky because we get to celebrate both National Sewing Month and National Quilting Week.

What do you have planned to indulge your sewing pleasure this month?  Don't forget to treat yourself to a little something special too!  Perhaps there is a notion or tool you've wanting to add to your arsenol. Maybe you desire some new fabric for your stash!  You might even want to treat yourself to a new sewing  machine!

Back to School

Bummer, it's the end of summer!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love what I do.  I teach second graders.  It's just that my job cuts into my quilting time. Laughing  Our new school year started today.

Signature Quilts

How exciting it is that I get to make two more signature quilts!!  

One of my nieces was married this weekend and one of my great-nieces is getting married next weekend.  I made up two sets of materials so they would be ready for the wedding receptions.  The kits include fabric squares, oatmeal paper (to set the fabric on while writing so it doesn't slip around), permanent fabric markers and directions (framed and set near the supplies to explain the project).  After the fabric squares are completed with signatures and well wishes, I will turn them into a beautiful quilted keepsake of their special day.

I can't wait to see their faces when their quilts are completed!

Happy Quilting,

Flower Baskets

Flower BasketsFlower BasketsI had the opportunity to quilt this beautiful Flower Basket Quilt for a friend.  When her sister passed away she found this quilt top that she had made. 

BasketBasketThe baskets are pieced from a pink floral print on a white-on-white background.

BackingBackingI had a perfect subtle print to use for  the backing and the binding of the quilt.

34 Years and Counting

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary!  We decided we are looking forward to the next thirty four years together Smile.

We had another busy, wonderful week with our grandson.  Our last chance to spend time together before the beginning of the school year.  We also got to have an awesome day with both of our children and their families together for dinner.  There is nothing I like more than when we are all together.

Jury Duty

SquaresSquaresSummer seems to be flying by.  There are not enough hours in a day to get everything done that I want to get done and having Jury Duty this week sure didn't help!

I will say that it was an interesting experience to serve on a jury for a criminal case.  I was fortunate to work with a good group of people.  Although deliberations were long and hard, I believe we agreed on the best verdict.  Still.....I was there several days and it really cut into my quilting time. Laughing

It really felt good to get back to my studio today.

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